Microslt Inc., a business engaged in information technology focusing on software development and knowledge-based support, will be launching its reinvented social networking app called EyesUP in November, 2018. Microslt Inc. gives users a chance to help develop the features by accommodating their feedback and suggestions on how to further improve the app.

Microslt Inc. will soon revolutionize the way you connect with your family and friends by eliminating the burden of using too many apps. MicroSLT wants to give users the ultimate social networking experience, so we bring you the next big social media app, EyesUP.

EyesUP is our all-in-one social media app that will allow you to follow, chat, video call, and connect with your family, friends, and colleagues- all at the tip of your finger. Because the app is customer-centric, we only provide the features that you need. One of its distinct features is Group Chat where you can engage in fun and healthy conversations with your loved ones as it can accommodate up to 50 members. Sent a message that you regretted sending? With EyesUP, you can easily remove the message from both ends.

EyesUP will soon be open to global community. Microslt Inc. acknowledges the impact that each user can create, so we encourage everyone to not just download our app but also take part in the process. The community indeed plays an integral part to our success. Let us work together to get the best and most memorable social media experience we all deserve.