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MicroSLT Inc. is a recognized corporation that aims to revolutionize information technology and social networking through developing simple yet relevant and user-friendly applications. We engage in the business of information technology focusing on software development and knowledge-based support.

As the company seeks to provide users the best social media environment that they deserve, MicroSLT fully commits to developing the most promising social media app all in one, EyesUP . Through this app, users can already say goodbye to their seemingly endless problems of using too many apps with various unnecessary features.

We want to ensure that every feature added on the app is suited to the needs of the users. The company also believes in the creative and practical minds of the online community. Thus, we encourage everyone to join us as we achieve the most revolutionary app in the social media history.


EyesUP is a social media app that is geared towards reinventing social media and messaging. EyesUP saw the need to revolutionize the current social networking experience as more and more users have expressed their grievances regarding the apps they’re using. Some contain too complex setup, too many ads, and a lot more features that do not really serve their purpose.

EyesUP is the answer to all those problems. A social media environment is supposed to be stress-free, meaningful, and enjoyable. That is why EyesUP commits to giving users that ideal networking environment. Every feature is designed for users to maximize their social networking experience. We will let you stay in touch with your family and friends, follow your favorite popular people, as well as make friends and memories by texting, calling, video calling, photo sharing with them—anytime, anywhere.

To achieve our goal, we welcome everyone’s brilliant ideas, reactions, and constructive feedback as we tirelessly develop EyesUP. Through this collaborative effort, we are positive we can build the most convenient, fun, and fresh social media environment you’ve always wanted.

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MicroSLT Inc. is located at Unit 3102, 31st Floor, Trade and Financial Tower
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